Monday, June 10, 2013

PHOTODAIRY | These past two weeks

The past two weeks were over in a fingersnap. It was really insane. It mostly existed out of studying and studying oh and did I mentioned that I studied these two weeks? Oh I did? Hmm okay.

Anyways I was thinking it might be nice to see some pictures of my life the past two weeks, so I decided to put it into a bit of a dairy. And well here it is.

I'm sorry for not posting these past few weeks, university thinks it's funny and totally to handle (which is not) to have exams, deadlines for projects, papers and portfolios in a a little bit more than a week.Yay! It was such a blast! Oh and I have told you that I'm in college, but in Holland we call university college, so in English terms I'm in university.

And last but not least, I tried to post this on last thursday. Blogger didn't work, anyone of you guys had the same problem? So I tried it friday and saturday and skipped trying it on sunday. But now here's finally a new post!

Well enough talking about school right now. Here are the pictures:) I'm kinda wondering what you guys have been up to these past weeks.

 Some tulip fields on my way to the train station, unfortunately there already gone

 University. Yay! Well it is fun most of the time, only when everything comes together in one week it's a bit stressful.

This Pepsi tin is from the Beyonce concert. After we went out of the Ziggodome we got these. Apparently someone didn't drink it immediately and waited a month to drink it. As soon as I spotted this tin I needed to picture this, my amazing memories of the Beyonce concert were there again. Honestly they were never gone.

 This adorable chiwawa was spotted in the train by, yes, me. Anyway this little creature was too adorable to not take a picture of him. 

The stunning view while studying in the Amsterdam public library

It was sunny for two days, so what do need to prepare for when you're living in Holland? Right, of course how could I forget this, rain... I obviously didn't saw that one coming. So I was riding my bicycle and yes there it was, I saw a curtain of rain right in front of me and at the same time I was thinking: ' No, don't do this to me, please.' But it didn't work.

 Lonely studying in  my school.

Nasty shit in the La Place of the Amsterdam public library. Normally the food is good over there, so I was thinking I can try something else than a sandwich and a salad. So I did. Not a success. And above all the food there is quite expensive, so I paid a lot for nasty food. Great.Can you hear the sarcasm?

Yaaaaay! Sun! With my new Karl Lagerfeld as a dog bag. I will post an outfit with this bag soon.

Some cows.


 This picture is taken near Zaandam, which is 15 minutes above Amsterdam (by train). It's weird how a landscape changes so fast from a city with a lot of buildings everywhere to this view.

A part of the garden back home.

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