Monday, June 17, 2013

DREAMS | Everyone

Everyone has got dreams. Right? But what's the purpose of a dream when you're not trying to realize it? It's quite hard to realize some of them, I need to admit that. But hey life isn't always about roses, sometimes you just need some different thinking and different strategies. 

I have always loved writing, some days more than the other. I think a lot of times a day: 'Oh, how would it be to work for an important fashion magazine. I want to work and write for a fashion magazine. I was looking at a half finished e-mail for some months. It's really hard to distinguish yourself in this business. 

I need to try that the best I can and work hard. That's one thing I'm sure about:'I'm going to work my butt of.'

When I was writing this post I got a genius idea for the e-mail and finished it! So I basically need to thank you guys for this. So thank you a million times. The only thing now is hoping, praying and hope and pray again that they're interested in me and my writing...

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