Saturday, April 6, 2013

TRAVEL | Mallorca part 1

Okay it's been a while ago since I've been there, but it's worth to put some photo's and stories on the blog haha. I'm sure you guys would like to hear some juicy and spicy stories from my vacation of 13 days with some of my best friends to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. 

It began already when we arrived at the airport of Eindhoven. When we were sitting in the plane, me and my friend Amber saw a cute guy working. So of course we needed a picture of him as a memory of the beginning of our amazing vacation. We were all excited, which is barely to see at the pictures below.

 From the left to the right: Me, Amber, Simone, Lotte and Liz

Allright that was maybe a bit sarcastic, we were excited haha.
 And when we landed on the airport of Palma de Mallorca we spotted a Haribo Goldbären airplane! Seriously the coolest plane I've ever seen. I mean everyone love Haribo Goldbären right?! So it was no option not to take a photo of the plane, so of course we took a few photo's.

Then the morning after we arrived some friends of mine had a hangover which was very funny haha, especially because I didn't have one. Seriously when some friends of you have a hangover you should be as happy as you can be. It gives you funny moments for yourself and with those grumpy faces of your friends it will be hilarious. they look at you like they really want to shoot you and all you can do is laugh.

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