Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MUSIC | Youtube video's

It's not only a habit but also an addiction to search and listen to the newest talents on Youtube. It's insane how many people are getting discovered trough Youtube, I absolutely like the idea behind it. Some people compare Youtube with talent shows as X factor, not The Voice because than you can't see the face in the first audition. To compare it to X factor isn't fair at all, in fact in my opinion it's way more brave when you're posting videos on Youtube. People are sometimes really harsh and tell people their ugly, I mean what the hell has that to do with singing?
That's by the way the thing I like the most about The Voice, did you guys knew that it's made by Dutch people? No, well than you know now haha.  I believe that everyone has his or her own beauty on the inside and on the outside.

When I'm going to Youtube I listen to Alex G, Tyler Ward, Savannah Outen, Marieke Melchers, Max Schneider, Riley Biederer, Lennon and Maisy, Alyssa Bernal, Patrick Tanner, Christina Grimmie, Jayesslee and many more. It's seriously amazing to hear their vocals improving when time goes by and then their it is, some of them suddenly have a recorddeal. It's insane what Youtube can do for everyone. Oh and by the way, if you're thinking about putting videos on Youtube just do it. Otherwise you'll never know what would've happend, it's time to make your own story instead of watching others make theirs:)

Enjoy your day guys and check their Youtubeaccounts if you haven't discovered them:)

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