Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LOOK | Neon and studs

I absolutely like college, but now I'm just exhausted. It's like everything comes at the same time you know.. Papers, portfolio's, projects, learning, yeah I think that's it. Oh no wait I also need to go to school every day, how could I forget that? I guess that's something I have to accept. 

Okay my complaining is done and now it comes, the look of today. Well not of today to be honest, it's of last weekend when it was amazing weather with sun and not that much wind. Unfortunately the wind is back, yay! Oh that was a bit to enthusiastic, correction; yay....

Anyway, this look is not that hard to wear but it's also not boring. That's a thing I love about the neoncolours. Instead of mixing the bomberjacket with a black or white shirt, I combined it with the orange neon colour. The singlet pops out a bit, but it's not overwhelming in my opinion.  

Bomberjacket  -  G- Star    Singlet  -  H&M   Shorts  -  Vintage   
Loafers, Clutch, Necklace  -  Primark

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