Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOOK | Boy chic

Yeah! My week full of exams is over, so what's a better way to celebrate it then by posting a new blogpost for you guys? Exactly there isn't a better way. Finally time to write some posts again.

This outfit is in my meaning something what you call boy chic. It's very simple, but I like the combination of the wide trousers and the heels. It's a simple but effective look which has some playful elements in it. I combined it with the blue necklace to add some colour into this look. Besides in this weather (yes it's rainy and windy again, I'm starting to think we're skipping spring and summer this year over here) you not only need a dark look, but add a bit of colour with accessories and it changes your look completely.

Blouse  - Monki   Strapless top  - H&M   Wide trousers  - Only   
 Booties  -  H&M   Necklace   - Primark

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