Sunday, April 28, 2013

CONCERT | Queen Bee

Remember how I told you guys that I got tickets to see Beyonce the 21st of April? No, well than just click on the link and then you know. 

Anyway, Lia (a close friend of mine) and I went by train to the concert together. At first when we arrived at the Ziggo Dome it was insanely busy outside, weird right?! Haha just kidding

 We had seattickets so unfortunately we weren't a few meters away from Queen B. But my god! This concert amazing, with a Capital A! The fact that we were able to be part of this show was enough, of course to be able to touch Mrs. Carter is amazing but the vibe of the show wasn't only on the ground. As soon as the concert began everyone was standing, dancing, singing and - of course I can't forget that- screaming. I was actually surprised I still had my voice after a 2 hour show the next day. 

I loved the fact that their was a line in the show, almost every time Beyonce went backstage to change outfits a led screen with a video was played. It mostly went about having respect for human beings and especially not to disrespect women. The messages in these videos were really clear and it's amazing that the new queen of pop - that's what Beyonce is called right now after giving the concert of the year- isn't scared to say what she wants to change and above all, she is actually doing something against it.

I will post some photos of the concert on my twitter and I will post them into this post as soon as I got these.

Enjoy your day guys :)

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