Sunday, March 3, 2013

Timeless item | Leather bikerjacket

Almost everyday I'm wearing that baby. It's so easy and comfortable that you just can't miss an item like this in your coats and jackets collection.

The thing about bikerjackets is that their making your outfit look sexy and casual, but at the same    time it makes you look a bit tough looking. And that's the part that I mostly like, because when you're combine a jacket like this with for example this lace skirt which I'm wearing in this post. Your outfit goes from a bit girly, to a bit tough looking and a bit more sexy look. 

I've got almost the same bikerjacket as in these pics below and I just love it. This leather bikerjacket is from Asos by the way.

Image 3 of Whistles Mila Leather Jacket

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