Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYFW | Day 8

And then there was suddenly the last day of New York Fashion Week with Calvin Klein en Ralph Lauren. These are always two designers I really look forward seeing the show.

The last show of New York Fashion Week was there, Calvin Klein. The collection was really focussing on the waists of the models, which I definitely like a lot. By getting attention on the waist it gives an outfit just that extra piece of femininity that you sometimes need. There was a lot of leather in the show. Whole outfits are existing out of leather, however that isn't a bad sign. Of course it would be not a very great collection if it's only existing out of leather. The fact Calvin Klein used different sort of colours in de leather looks and is getting the attention the the waist makes definitely sense. In that way the outfit won't get boring and that's the same for the whole collection actually. The designs were so made that it's simple but at the same time powerfull.

But before the Calvin Klein there was Ralph Lauren. The designs of the Ralph Lauren show were exciting and surprising at the same time. You're probably thinking right now: Why were they so exciting and surprising? Well there's a good reason to call the collection and designs exciting and surprising. It looks like every single fabric that is existing was used.There was velvet, leather, fur and a thousand other fabrics. Okay that might be a little to much, however they did used a lot. Surprisingly were the gorgeous dresses, with a great eye for detail on the whole collection the designers have nothing to complain about. I guess this is gonna be a collection which sells good. Not just good by the way, it's gonna sell amazing.

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