Friday, March 15, 2013

NYFW | Day 7

To chose two shows of this day was though, really though. But I made a decision. Michael Kors and J. Mendel are the two shows I'm writing about. The shows I was deciding out of were also Milly by Michelle Smith and Anna Sui, both designers are amazing and are very talented as well as the two designers I'm writing about this time. If you would like to watch the Milly show or Anna Sui, just click on the links.

Michael Kors is a designer who keeps surprising his audience. Kors began his career in fashion at the age of 19 designing and merchandising a collection for the renowned boutique Lothar’s in New York City. This label exists since 1981, pretty long already right? This collection is one of the many collections this season with prints. Kors also makes sure that the camouflage trend of last season still continues. In my opinion I just wear what I like combined with some trendy items, but for the ones who totally want to be completely trendy they don't need to throw their camouflage items away. I really loved the bright colours Kors used. Some of the looks are so simple, but look at the same time so classy that I really admire his design skills. And to make long short, I liked his collection haha.


Then J. Mendel. All I've got to say about this collection are the following words: Damn, this collection are a masterpiece. Absolutely stunning. His collection is so gorgeous that I can't believe that there would be anyone who doesn't love at least  8 looks of his collection. Truly insane this collection. This is why I love watching fashionshows, a lot of different material was used, different silhouettes, some trousers between all the dresses and the perfect combination of lace and other fabrics. This collection was really fascinating to see. My props to J. Mendel! 

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