Thursday, March 7, 2013

NYFW | Day 5

The designers of Day 5 of NYFW were definitely Carolina Herrera and Marc by Marc Jacobs. These two are amazing designers with every year on and on great pieces which are selling amazingly good over the whole wide world. Were their collections also great this year? Oh yes, they were!

Marc by Marc Jacobs is every year another great, but pleasant suprise. This year he chose to be different then the other shows of NYFW again. The collection was very fun to watch and at the same time pretty wearable. With wide, long coats and attention on the waist he combined a few of the trends of this fall and winter in a colourful mixed show. The fact he used a lot of colour spoke to me. A few designers this fashionweek took fall and winter a little to serious with their collection totally in black or dark colours. Marc Jacobs didn't. If you've seen this show you'll get immediately a smile on your face of all the different colours and looks. He also used a lot of prints which reminds me of the sixties, there's nothing wrong with a bit of discofever right? haha

Secondly Carolina Herrera. Carolina Herrera has always a very feminine collection. The models always look chic, but not to chic if you guys know what I mean. The collection is this year also  existing of long, feminine dresses. There was a lot of attention on the waists of the models which I liked. She used different sorts of fabric as velvet and leather in her looks. It's a whole other collection of last year, but you can definitely see that this is the Carolina Herrera collection. Carolina Herrera used the prints in this collection a good and classy way, if she didn't it would've looked trashy and cheap. This is everything except trashy. An amazing collection, by an amazing designer. 

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