Saturday, March 30, 2013

LOOK | Summernight

Yes, I'm still waiting for the warmseasons to come. Unfortunately it was snowing again this morning. I mean, come on, it's the 30th of March be normal! I still remember of this date last year, people were swimming and nowadays there still on the ice... It's weird, so because I desire to the warm seasons I got a look for the warm seasons. And sorry for posting this post so late, the third period of college is unfortunately the busiest part of the year.

I really like this black and white jumpsuit, it suits really nice and the fabric isn't too warm for in the warm seasons. Sometimes there are jumpsuits with a really warm and thick fabric which makes me thinking like; ' Why would you as a designer make a hot jumpsuit for in the summer, if it's a fall and winter collection then it's different of course haha.' The clutch is sparkly and dark, but because of the sparkles I think it suits this outfit.

What do you think guys? How is the weather in your countries by the way? Much better than here? Hopefully it is:) Enjoy your day guys, oh and happy easter:)

Jumpsuit  -  Vintage   Shoes, necklace and clutch -   H&M