Sunday, March 10, 2013

LOOK | Flowerpower bikerchic

It's been a while since there was my last post with a new look. Also thanks to last fashionweekseason, I was a bit too busy with watching shows and pictures, but here's finally a new look. 

Remember I told you guys on my twitter that I went in Utrecht shopping with my mum? Well the blouse is one of my new purchases and I absolutely adore the flowerprint. Just easy for a day to hang out with some friends or go to college of course. The flowerprint makes the blouse immediately an eye catcher, so a few accessories, black trousers and sneakers. Well remember I said in this post I really didn't want to have any other sneakerwedges than Isabel Marant? So I looked everywhere and they weren't of course anywhere available... And I really wanted to have sneakerwedges so badly that I just bought a very good replica of the Isabel Marant sneakers. These ones are from Steve Madden and were available. So you might think why the hell did she said in the first place she didn't wanted to have something else then Isabel? Well there's one simple answer for that, I got so lost in loving Isabel Marant I missed a little important detail. I really didn't saw it coming that it's a little, tiny bit too expensive haha.

 Leather Bikerjacket  -  Only   Trousers - River Island  Velvet blazer  - Vintage 
Blouse - Vero Moda  Sneakers - Steve Madden  Necklace - H&M

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