Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When I buy magazines, and in my case fashionmagazines like the Vogue, Elle or the Marie Claire, I always get inspired by them. There are usually amazing pictures in and outfits with great combinations. So when I look in those magazines I get an idea what the trends were again. I mean I do look the fashionshows of course, but having it all packed together is way easier. It's not that I follow every trend right away. I look at the trends and wonder if I would dress like this and if it's my style, so not? Then the trend isn't the one for me.
Every year there are a few trends which doesn't fit me, well I'm all right with it.

Today I bought the Marie Claire Fashion shows edition and the Elle Style guide. Definitely two of my favourite magazines to read, look and getting inspiration of. 

Do you guys read a lot of these magazines? If you do which is your favourite? And if you don't, it may be fun to just buy one of these magazines one time. It surprises you what's all in there:)

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