Thursday, March 14, 2013

FOOD | Making a 3 course Part 1

I really, but really, like to cook. So when my mum asked me to cook a 3 course dinner for 10 people I said of course yes. It took some preparation, but it was worth it. The guests ate a lot, so I guess that's a good sign right?

You might think, why the hell is she talking about a dinner this is a fashionblog? Well I was thinking that you guys maybe would like to have to recipe and I'm kinda turning this blog really into my thing with fashion of course, but than a little bit more personal. With sometimes some cooking things, of course fashion and even some concerts. So one million styles it is right?  So here's the recipe than finally haha.

The dinner started with a pasta salad with pesto, red union, paprika and collar. The fact about this recipe is that's so easy to make and it takes some preparation, but when you've done that it'll be ready in about10 minutes.

So if you would like to make it yourself, the recipe is below. I got the recipe from a Dutch site which I forgot, but the recipe is so easy to make that you won't need it any more after making this dish.
- olive oil (a good one)
- a red and yellow paprika
- cherry tomatoes (about 10, if you would like to add some more just do it, the tomatoes aren't going to dominate the dish)
- 1,5 red union
- 2 pieces of garlic
- 2 spoons of pesto (or a handful of basil or you just do it both haha)
- pepper and salt
- a quarter of  a red pepper
- pasta (500 gram)
- collar
(if you would like to make some more, you just take more pasta, pesto, collar, paprika, tomatoes and pepper)

Step one
Cut the union and paprikas in slices. Take the seeds out of the quater of red pepper and cut in it little pieces. 
Step two
Put a pan with water on a gas burner or whatever thing you're cooking on haha. You need to look at the sticker of the pasta for how much water. 
Step 3
When the water is boiling you add the pasta and the cherry tomatoes. Because the tomatoes are boiling with the pasta they become sweet and fall mostly apart in the pasta.

Step 4 
Put 3 spoons of olive oil in a cooking pan. After the cooking pan became hot you're adding the union, paprika and pepper. You need to add some black pepper and salt to them. You can also add some Italian herbs. At last you're adding the garlic pieces by squeezing them in a garlicthingie haha. I don't know how you guys call it in English. Or if you don't have one of them you can also cut the garlic in little pieces.

Step 5
Bake the things in the cooking pan until there  cooked- through. The union is ready when they become light transparent. When everything is cooked- through put it on a low fire.
Step 6
When everything in the cooking pan in cooked- through the pasta and the cherry tomatoes probably will be ready to. It depends on which pasta you're using. Make sure you drain off the pasta correctly.  Turn the gas burner off of both places then add the pasta to the cooking pan.

Step 7 
Add the pesto and stir it in the pan. After this you're adding the collar and stir it again a few times.

Last time I ate it with some fresh bread out of the oven, but you can eat it with everything you want of course.

Well, then there's one last thing to say,

Bon appetit

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Melissa van Schagen said...

Oeh het lijkt me echt super lekker! Vet toevallig dat we dezelfde achternaam hebben haha