Saturday, February 23, 2013

NYFW | Day 2

After a succesfull first day of New York Fashion Week, there was the second day already. Starting with Czar Cesar Galindo and ending with Parkchoonmoo the second day had a good opener and closer for this day. Second day of fashionweek was the day of Rebecca Minkoff and Tommy Hilfinger but I also looked out for the show of Carmen Malc Valvo.

Rebecca Minkoffs show was as always great, with an eye for wearable and gorgeous clothes she has nothing to complain about. Of the nineteen looks I would like to wear every single piece of this new collection. The fact that she combined prints, long coats and blazers, stripes, color and leather in her show gave every look a different but elegant, classy and sexy look. I think she can be really happy about her collection of this fashion season. I also think this was the best show of the day.

So then it was time for Tommy Hilfinger. His collection is mostly about looking classic, cool and some typical American aspects. Long coats with a typical print of Hilfinger but in a different color weren't a suprise, but at the same time I feel like these designs just need to be here every year again. Timeless designs in my opinion. The fact about the designs of Tommy Hilfinger is that everyone loves, at least, a few items of his collection. His designs aren't just classy and easy to wear, but the little extra touch that they give to the items is something which makes the collection absolutely special and wearable.

Before these two shows there was the show of Carmen Malc Valvo. I was happily surprised by this one. When I saw some pictures of his last show I told myself to keep an eye on him, so I did. And I'm happy I did this, because his show was seriously amazing. In his collection of this season he was  the waists of the models, but at the same time he combined this with a few wide pieces. It was so glamorous, which I absolutely loved. There were a few looks which had a skirt or a coat in it, but most of them were dresses. This is very typical of his designs, his spring and summer show of 2013 was exactly the same.

After all this was a great second day, Hilfinger was amazing with timeless items and prints. Minkoff was absolutely lovely with the items which makes you look classy and sexy at the same time. Malc Valvo is someone to keep an eye on, his collection is very feminine and the textures he uses is a brilliant combination.

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Shannon Rown said...

Amazing show by Rebecca indeed, love your blog by the way:)