Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEW IN | Old fashion

When I spotted this vintage blazer online I had to have this one. It's a classy grey blazer which I can also use as a coat, not in the middle of winter of course, but when spring is there I know what blazer I'm wearing a lot. The fact about this blazer is it's so comfortable, not only because it's a long and wide one, but the fabric and texture of the blazer is really beautiful and this makes the blazer comfortable. The fact that it's a vintage blazer is a thing I love, you probably won't see anyone else wearing this item. And since it's a vintage item, it was a bit cheaper then blazers/coats usually are, but I don't mind this fact at all of course haha.

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manonVS25 said...

Jupp, I love your blazer/coat too!