Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOOK | Birds in love

After those weeks full of snow and rain the weather became more beautiful, with sunny days. So I as you can see in the outfit I was in a spring and summer mood when these pictures were shot. With a bright white lace skirt and black H&M booties I felt like it was a sunny morning in may. And the shirt with the birds in love says also something about that feeling right?

Now the thing is it began to snow again last night and as you can see on my twitter, it is pretty white here outside... And the temperature is down to 1 degrees Celsius again.
So unfortunately , my spring and summer mood is gone again.

                  Lace skirt  - H&M       Birds in love shirt  -   River Island        
                Black Booties  -   H&M       Necklace   - H&M       Watch  -  Casio

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Love the classy combination! I have the green shirt too:)