Monday, February 4, 2013

LIFE UPDATE | What happend last week?

After the fashionshow of Marga Weimans, which was amazing which you know if you follow me on twitter, I had some exams.. So we came on Monday to the place were the exams were held, everyone sat down and wanted to make the exam. Then a person from school begins to talk in the microphone and said: Houston, we've got a problem... There aren't enough exams so you all need to go home... I travelled 4 freaking hours in total for basically nothing.. But the really worst part of Monday was that when everyone was home, nobody knew exactly what would happen, when are they gonna take off our exams. My fellow students and me needed to hear it through the media, so we were pretty pissed off. And the worst part of it all was that we needed to make the exam on Friday, which used to be our day off.
So that was luckily only one exam, the rest of the exams went al right, there were enough exams luckily so that wasn't a problem anymore.
Thursday I went with one of my best friends Liz after an exam to Oss. You guys may think right now, Oss? Who the hell calls a place Oss and what's going on there? Well to be honest, I really don't know and I don't want to know haha.So Liz and I went to Oss, for an evening in the sauna and spa. We got a massage and it was really really lovely. Every piece of stress I had in my body was gone, it's back by now but it helped for a few days haha.

Since I'm doing a creative eduction, I'm having Students in Motion week from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. That's a week when every creative eduction comes together and your trying with your team mates to create an application for the city Amsterdam.

So this was basically my life last week, a lot of stress haha. I will post some pics and a report of the Marga Weimans show plus my outfit for that day tomorrow, I think you guys must be really curious about the show which I completely understand haha.

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