Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AFW | Marga Weimans

 Marga Weimans, the first fashionshow I've visited in my whole life. It was a good first experience tough. When my friend and I arrived at the show after walking in the wrong way for 45 minutes, we needed to wait just like everybody else in the lounge of hall. So we waited and talked and of course spotted some famous Dutch people.
And after 25 minutes of waiting there it is, we can go into the big hall. More than 1000 people were invited and some won a contest of Samsung. It was really inspirational to see all sorts of styles mixed up in a big hall together and I loved every minute of it.

Then the show was almost begin to start.... Everyone in the hall was curious as the the lights went down and there it was, the first model on the runway on 20.30.
The models were walking with insane heavy cubes leaning on their hands, arms and shoulders. It was inspiring to see how Marga Weimans came up with this kind of ideas and clothes. Because of the heavy cubes the models were walking pretty slow, but that's completely understandable. So after 30 minutes, on 21:00, the show ended.

So my friend and I were walking as fast as we could to the train because there would be some exams on Monday and the rest of the week. This time we were by the station in 15 minutes haha, that was so much better then the 45 minutes when we were going to the show.

Gilet   -   H&M       Shirt    -   Primark     Skirt   -    Only     Cap   -   H&M   Necklace   -  H&M

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