Friday, January 18, 2013

Worst 12 days ever!

Worst 12 days ever? Yes! Why?
Well it's quite simple actually, as you guys probably know I'm still in college. For college and for the blog I absolutely need my laptop... So here comes the problem, since 13th of January till yesterday 17 January my laptop was crashed, how lovely... And I basically use my laptop a lot for this blog and for school, so I got some withdrawal symptoms haha, okay no that's not true, but I just hate the part that it has been 12 days ago since I last updated my blog.

So what has happend in those 12 days? I was basically busy with school, being around friends and I did some shopping which I extremely enjoyed after a day of school. For school some classmates and I need to make a program for kids from the age 9 till 12, so we were busy with writing, shooting and stuff like that. That is seriously one of the best schoolprojects ever!

So are you guys already excited for the upcoming fashionweeks? 
The picture beneath is a sneak preview of the post for tommorow:)

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