Saturday, January 19, 2013

LOOK | Bring some color to the cold days

So is it true? You guys think right now, what is true? But is it true that when the winter comes people dress less colorfull? Are you dressing yourself less colorfull then in the warmseasons? While the winter season is mostly grey and dark people mostly chose for the black and grey outfits. But why wouldn't we add some extra color to the winterseason? With for example red?

That's what I did for this post, of course I didn't went outside in this skirt but I am free today. So it's just a day hanging around on the couch with our cat.

I by the way got a new addiction photoshopping pictures, well basically I just edit the warmth and colors of the picture, not my face just saying so you guys wouldn't think it's someone else in the pictures haha.

Sweater   -   H&M       Skirt   -   H&M     Sneakers   - All stars     Bracelets  -  Primark 
                                                   Necklace  -  H&M

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