Friday, January 25, 2013

INSPIRATION | Isabel Marant

I still remember the first time I've heard about Isabel Marant. It was 1,5 years ago, I was looking on the internet and just googled some stuff. And there it was. Isabel Marant, the wedgesneakers. That was the very first time that I've seen those sneakers and that's the beginning of my love for Isabel Marant.

It's a fact that every Isabel Marant collection is amazing, it gives you a bit of a tough look but at the same time you look classy. This is a combination which almost every single teenage girl and woman adore. Since I saw the sneakers online I was inmediately in love and I wanted to get them as soon as possible. Until I saw the price, so I went looking for fake ones... But the thing is that after you've seen the real ones, the fake ones aren't that pretty. So no fake ones for me:) That's the same thing with the Milwauke boots. So I guess I have some saving to do.

I really look forward to the Isabel Marant show in Paris for the autumn and winter season of 2013- 2014. So excited to see what they come up with this year, there so creative and know exactly what everyone would love. There is not one piece in their collection what's less gorgeous then the other pieces.

That's exactly the same with their spring/summer collection of 2013, some pictures of the collection are below. It's sporty, chic, tough and fun. That's a golden combination.

For everyone who would like to see the spring/summer 2013 look book, click on the link. I would recommend it definitely, not only to get some inspiration, it's also nice to look at the gorgeous clothes that they've made.

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