Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOOK | Red beanies

Since today is 12-12-12 I decided to take a day off from school.. No, okay, I'm just kidding. Today I had a free day, so no going to school today, though I need to make a lot of stuff for school, so busy? Yes, always! But that doesn't mean that I'm writing less on my blog:)

I promised you guys yesterday that there would be a new post and a new look today, well.... Here it is:)

This look is just an awesome look for the cold days, the red beanie is here to bring some fun and colour to this outfit and also because I just like the colour red. Red is just so colourfull and fun, when I see red clothes hanging in a store the colour just speaks to me in a way and if I was in a bad mood, well it turned immediately from grumpy to a bit more friendly:)

Enjoy 12-12-12 guys:)


Jersey -    Primark      Jeans   -   Daysie     Tanktop    -    Pieces    Shoes   -   All Stars     
 Hat  -   Hema     Watch    -   Casio    Bracelets   -   Primark

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Alexa said...

Love the outfit:)

xoxo Alexa