Thursday, November 29, 2012

LOOK | Winterwonderland? Not yet, unfortunately!

While fall is coming faster every day I'm starting to  become a bit depressed. In Holland there's are a few things of fall that I hate; Rain, windy and cold, most of the time it rains, the wind is really hard and it's cold at the same time. For me, who cycles everyday to that trainstation, that's not a great combination, but hey I have to deal with it...

As you guys can see in the following pictures this was a cold day, with rain and yes of course how could I have missed it: Wind. Since my jacket and my boots are waterproof that's a better combination. Luckely it didn't rain that hard:)
I look forward to winter by the way, not only because the snow and ice on the lake and land behind my parents house, but also because it's a romantic fashion season. And it's just a cosy season, having a familydinner on Christmas eve is one of my favorite things to do and last but not least New Years Eve with my family and friends:)

What are you looking forward to? Tell me:)


Jacket   -  Boutique in Amsterdam     Jersey  -   Only      Spikerjacket  -  Only Play                            Trousers     -    River Island          Boots    -      Bullboxer        
                                   Clutch       -      Primark           Bracelets        -     Primark
                                                      Nailpolish      -      O.P.I.

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