Friday, November 16, 2012

LOOK | A day off

I'm really not a winter person, in my opinion the summer is better than the winter. Not only because the hot weather, the sea, the beach and the sun, but also because I've got so many clothes for spring and summer which I can easily combine contrary to the winter I don't have as many items as I should have had. So shopping time again I guess?!
I think you still could wear this look, just grab a white or beige cardigan and there's a winteroutfit. But unfortunately I still don't own this cardigan, so first thing first is go find a white or beige cardigan.

 Shirt  -  Primark    Trousers  - Steps    Shoes   -  La Strada    Bag   -  Pieces    Bracelets  -  Primark   Necklace  -  Primark

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