Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LOOK | An autumn day in the park

Most of the time it's raining and windy in Holland when autumn is there.
However some days there is an exception. This was one of the lucky days. I went to the park in a little town close to my village with some friends.

To bring a bit of colour in my outfit I wore a yellow lace dress and my blue heels. Every year when autumn is coming I'm thinking; ' This is such a boring fashion season'. But nothing more is wrong than this sentence! You just need to combinate your own style with autumn. So did I as you guys can see in the following pictures below:)

Dress   -    H&M      Cardigan    -     Gestuz       Shoes   -    La Strada     Bag   -    Burkely
                                     Bracelets (left & right arm)  -   Primark

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