Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trend update | Animals

Last fashion season we had the owl on shirts, as a ring and as a necklace. This season we've got the fox in stead of the owl! I absolutly love the whole animal look, with owl's, foxes and tigers on the front of your sweater or shirt, print of course:)

I also like leopard printed shoes and snake printed bags, or some snake printed trousers, the animal print shirts, trousers, bags or shoes are collector items and at least one of those printed clothes or accesoires in your wardrobe, so  you just need to have some of them in your closet if you ask me. An awesome part of this trend is it's easy to combine with a black trouser, or just a white shirt( in case you wear snake printed trousers) and you've got a whole up- to- date fashionable look.

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