Friday, September 14, 2012


When I was putting some pictures from my camera to the computer I was thinking he, maby I could do something fun with it:)
And so I did, it was actually the first time ever that I've done something like this, so it's gets better I promise:) The picture is underneath my lines.

By the way, you guys all know probably that the New York Fashion Week ended yesterday and I watched some of the shows and pictures while I was sitting at home. And I need to say, it looked pretty awesome! If you look at the new trends, you see that there's a lot of color and prints in the spring/ summer season of 2013. I loved by the way Donna karan's show! A picture of the show is underneath.

Next is London Fashion Week and unfortunately I'm also at home while this is happening.. Let's hope that I'm there next year:) And I look forward seeing all the photo's of the different shows. By the way I'm most excited about the shows from Moschino and Rag and Bone, there are a lot more shows of course that I probably would love, but I'm interested how these two make the show a big success again, like last year!
What shows are you excited about?:)


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